Mexico 2016 :)

This Summer my family and I decided to go back to Mexico for our family holiday because it was such a lovely place and there were still many things that we hadn’t seen 🙂 We arrived on the 21st of June in the evening and started our stay at the Paradisus Hotel in Cancun.  We settled down for a traditional Mexican dinner before heading to bed as the flight from London to Cancun is 10 hours so we were all very tired and jetlagged. The next two days were spent chilling by the pool drinking cocktails and reading my kindle 🙂 I also tried mussels for the first time and they were very nice ❤

The 24th of June brought with it an excursion to Xcaret which is a Park in Mexico. We arrived and went straight to the underground river which went through underground tunnels and into caves with bats flying around- it was very scary as it could be quite dark at times but very relaxing and beautiful when it opened up into large areas of clear freshwater. After swimming through the river we went on a water ride which was appropriately named ‘Adrenalina’ as the boat was going 55 miles per hour and was doing 360 degree turns and something called ‘immersion’ which was when the speedboat would suddenly stop causing a huge wave to come over the boat which I hated by everyone else loved. After ‘Adrenalina’ we went scuba diving where we saw a few blue tangs and a STING RAY!! Then after a bit of lunch we went exploring and saw Puma’s, butterflies, sea turtles, manatees, nurse sharks and much more including a mayan village. To finish off the day we went to a show called Xcaret Mexico Espectacular which was about the history of Mexico and the mayan people which was really interesting 🙂

From the 25th- 28th I spent my time by the pool sunbathing 🙂

On the 28th we moved from the Paradisus Cancun to the Secrets hotel in Akumal and I then spent the 29th reading my kindle on the beach reading books from the Zoella Book Club and even tried Escargot when we went to a French restaurant for dinner 🙂


On the 30th we had a tour of Tulum which is an old Mayan city which was originally called Zama. Tulum was a very beautiful city with lots of rich history and great photography spots 🙂

We then went on a turtle tour where we went snorkelling in the sea trying to see turtles in their natural environment which was amazing as they were choosing to be there rather than being boxed in and at one point one of the turtles came up for air right in front of me and was so close I could touch it 🙂


I had one more day of relaxing by the pool and then on the 2nd of July we flew home. Overall Mexico 2016 was an amazing experience which I would love to repeat 🙂 who knows maybe I’ll find myself back in Mexico in Summer 2017 🙂

Let me know in the comments where ur off to this Summer or if u’ve ever been to Mexico before xxxxx


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