My favourite lyrics from Six the Musical :)

  1. I didn’t really mean it but rumours spiral- Don’t lose your head
  2. I think we can all agree I’m the ten amongst these threes- All You Wanna Do
  3. No one tells me I need a rich man, Doing my thing in my palace in richmond- Get Down
  4. I’ve put up with your sh– like every single day. But now it’s time to shh, and listen when I say- No Way
  5. Remember that I was a writer, I wrote books and psalms and meditations,
    Fought for female education, So all my women could independently
    Study scripture, I even got a woman to paint my picture,
    Why can’t I tell that story?- I don’t need your love
  6. You can build me up, You can tear me down, You can try but I’m unbreakable- Heart of Stone
  7. Ignore the fear and you’ll be fine, We’ll turn this vier into a nine, So just say ‘ja’ and don’t say ‘nein’.- Haus of Holbein
  8. Jane Seymour the only one he truly loved, Rude!- Ex Wives
  9. All you ever hear and read about, Is our ex, and the way it ended, But a pair doesn’t beat a royal flush, You’re gonna find out how we got unfriended.- Ex Wives
  10. Music man tried it on and i was like bye, So I thought “who needs him?” I can give it a try, I learned everything now all i do is sing… and I’ll do that until I die- Six

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