5 more DCOMs

On the 15th of January I wrote a blog post about my favourite Disney Channel Movies which can be found here. I thought I would expand on that list and write a list of 5 more Disney Channel Movies that I loved which might not have been so well know. Wizards of Waverly Place the … More 5 more DCOMs

Gilmore Girls Tag

As many of you may already know I am a big fan of the TV show Gilmore Girls and also I love reading so this challenge was perfect for me 🙂 I have not read many classics but I was quite impressed by how many books I had already read from the list of 339 … More Gilmore Girls Tag

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Tag

I have always been a fan of the sitcom Friends so when Netflix UK announced that they were going to add Friends I was so excited and have been rewatching it despite owning the boxset for a few years now :p As I rewatched it I remembered all the reasons I used to love this … More F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Tag

Top 5 DCOMs

High School Musical: This was one of the first Disney Channel Original Movies I ever watched and I fell in love with it 🙂 The music is incredible and my flatmates will often burst into song in the kitchen singing Fabulous from the second movie or The Start of Something new. Its a classic DCOM … More Top 5 DCOMs