If I had to spend Christmas in a different city where would it be?

New York 100%! I actually went to New York at the end of November this year and it was absolutely amazing! The decorations in all of the shops were so beautiful and intricate and we actually went to the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony which was such a good evening so I thought in this … More If I had to spend Christmas in a different city where would it be?

226-250 from my Bucket List :)

226. See Demi Lovato Live (25.8.2018) 227. Explore Dorset (26.6.18 -30.6.18) 228. BBQ on the beach (29.6.18) 229. West Bay (30.6.18) 230. See Chicago (3.7.2018) 231. Graduate (5.7.2018) 232. Grad Ball (8.7.2018) 233. Explore Portugal (11.7.18-18.7.18) 234. Whipsnade Zoo (9.9.2018) 235. Go to LFWF (29.9.18) 236. See School of Rock the Musical (29.9.18) 237. See … More 226-250 from my Bucket List 🙂

Currymas 2018 :)

On the 14th of December I went up to London to see my two friends Ria and Ellie 🙂 We had a laugh, ate Chipotle, watched The Holiday and exchanged presents 🙂 The next day we went to Winter Wonderland which is a big Christmas market, with rides, ice skating and food 🙂 We ate … More Currymas 2018 🙂

Portugal 2018

On the 11th of July I headed to Portugal with my Mum and Dad for a weeks holiday 🙂 The last few years we have gone to Mexico for our summer holiday but this year we decided to go to Portugal for many different reasons but hopefully in Summer 2019 we will return to Mexico … More Portugal 2018

Annas 21st Birthday

In October Hannah and I organised a Harry Potter dinner party for our best friend Anna’s 21st birthday 😊 For her birthday present we decided to do a sunshine box which is basically a box filled with yellow items. I hope Anna loved her present and enjoyed her evening 😊 for the actual evening we … More Annas 21st Birthday


This year in July I graduated from university from the RVC with a degree in Bioveterinary Science. On the 5th of July (the day before my birthday) I went up to the Southbank Centre for my graduation ceremony 😊 it was an amazing day that I will never forget 💕 after three years of hard … More Graduation!!