Blogmas Day 30: New Years Resolutions 2021 lookback :)

  1. Read 2 books a month- I actually managed to read 30 books this year which is pretty cool 🙂 I have always loved reading (I think I get it from my Mum) and I have been off my reading game lately so it was nice to get back into it 🙂 I have a couple of favourite books from this year: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and The Couple by Helly Acton 🙂

2. 2500 followers on my blog- I actually did not manage to reach 2500 followers on my blog I feel like this was a very ambitious goal but I did manage to reach 1730 which is really cool and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has followed me ❤

3. Have a pamper evening every week- I absolutely LOVE pamper evenings and I have spent a lot of time having lots of baths using lots of bath bombs and face and hair masks 🙂

4. Complete my running bucket list- I actually haven’t looked at my running bucket list this year because I have done a few other bits of working out instead which was I started climbing and also some Yoga 🙂 I did quite a bit of running at the start of the year but haven’t had a lot of time since going back to work 🙂

5. Do some Yoga- I have been working through a lot of Yoga stuff this year as I was doing Yoga with my brother at the start of the year doing a 30 day Yoga challenge and I actually did 2 of those throughout the year 🙂

6. Drink 2000ml of water a day- I have actually drunk a lot more water since going back to work as I take a massive water-bottle with me and drink lots of water which there 🙂

7. Post on Instagram twice a week- I have actually posted twice a week on two social medias because I also posted on Mayas Instagram once a week which was so much fun 🙂 I loved getting to spent more time with her at the start of the year while on Furlough and then when I went back to work I have tried to balance my time between work and spending time with her 🙂 I enjoyed working on my social media as well and taking photos and capturing the few moments that we have been allowed to do stuff and spend time with friends and family 🙂

8. Post on my blog twice a week starting in February- Despite going back to work in June I have actually managed to post twice a week on here which is so cool, its been hard at times but I enjoy having this creative outlet to talk about some of my favourite things and to talk about my life and take photos for posts as well 🙂

9+ 10: Be More minimalistic and also sort out my laptop and room: I tried to be relatively organised when it comes to sorting out my bedroom and also have made a consious effort to not buy as much this year and to only buy what is absolutely necessary 🙂

11. Save Money: I have managed to save a bit of money this year which is really cool but obviously I wont be talking too much about this for security reasons 🙂

12. Do something nice for Maya once a week: Like I mentioned earlier I managed to spend quite a bit of time with Maya at the start of the year and then I have spent quite a bit of time with her since going back to school and it was nice to have this resolution to make sure I spent lots of time with her and made her year special as well 🙂

13. Do something nice for a friend once a week: I have taken the chance to really try and do something really nice for friends this year- lots of little moments and presents 🙂

14. Have a photoshoot once a month: I have done quite a few photoshoots this year which have been a lot of fun and just taking random photos with friends 🙂

16. Reach 30,000 views- I actually did manage to reach 30,000 views which was so much fun and again I want to thank everyone who has read and commented and liked my posts this year 🙂

17. Write down 5 things I’m proud of every month: This I did this actually for the first few months of the year and then it started to unfortunately dwindle as the months went on and I got busier which is a real shame as it was something that I really enjoyed looking back on as we went into 2021 from 2020 🙂

18. Do training with Maya: I have done quite a bit of training with Maya this year which has been a lot of fun and a good way to make sure I am setting aside time to spend with her giving her all of my attention 🙂

19. Cook/Bake 5 new things: I have cooked so much more than 5 new things!! This year we actually started getting Hello Fresh delivered which I cook 3 times a week 🙂 I have definitely improved my cooking through doing this and have also done a few little baking sessions as well 🙂

 20 and 21. Complete half of my 101 things list and reach 400 on my bucket list : This I have managed to do and I have had so much fun doing it as well 🙂 I love capturing special moments in my life which my bucket list and the 101 things list allow me to do 🙂


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