Blogmas Day 31: New Years Resolutions 2022

  1. Read 2 Books a month
  2. 2000 followers on my blog
  3. Have a Pamper Evening every week
  4. Drink 2000ml of water every day
  5. Post on Instagram twice a week
  6. Post on my blog 6 times a month
  7. Do something nice for Maya once a week
  8. Reach 50,000 views
  9. Cook something once a week
  10. Reach 450 on my bucket list
  11. Reach 75 things on my 101 things list
  12. Go to 5 theatre shows
  13. Save Money
  14. Do some sort of workout twice a week
  15. De-clutter and organise my room
  16. Write a letter to my 30 year old self
  17. Dye my hair
  18. 365 project/gratitude journal every day in 2022
  19. Travel somewhere
  20. Make monthly playlists
  21. Watch all of the Marvel projects released in 2022
  22. Make more time for self care

Let me know in the comments what your 2022 new years resolutions are 🙂


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