Christmas Zoella Beauty Review 

Christmas Zoella Beauty Review 
  1. Zoella A Winter Soiree: This is such a cute little festive make-up bag which says all is bright and has a rollerball perfume of the Snowella scent and mini handcream of the Winter Wonderhand which both smell absolutely divine. This would make the perfect gift for a friend or makes a good weekend treat to urself 🙂
  2. Zoella Merry and Bright Soak- I am a big fan of baths so whenever I come home from uni its so nice to be able to have a nice lush/bubble bath and so when I saw this gorgeous big jar of bubble bath I knew that I had to buy it 🙂 It smells lovely and I’m so excited for my next pamper night so I can have a nice warm bath using this bath soak 🙂
  3. Zoella Snow Relaxed Bath Fizzers- Along the same theme as the bath soak I absolutely love Zoella’s bath fizzers so when I saw that she was doing bath fizzers to go with this collection I was so happy 🙂 They smell gorgeous and they are shaped like a snowflake which I think is adorable 🙂
  4. Zoella Snow Balmy Lip Balms- This was featured in my stocking fillers blog post which can be found here: and I think they are so cute and like I said perfect for a stocking filler as no-one ever thinks to buy lip balms for themselves 🙂
  5. Zoella Snowella Body Mist- This is another classic from the Zoella collections so I was very happy that she decided to keep up with tradition and make another body mist with this collection. The smell is perfect for the winter time and the packaging is so beautiful and definitely my aesthetic 🙂
  6. Zoella This Is Your Year- This is something that you can’t use until the new year but I saw it and I just couldn’t resist, its so adorable and will make me a little less stressed when working at my desk to look over and see this gorgeous calender sitting there 🙂
  7. Zoella Cosy Vibes Mug- During the festive season I love curling up watching a movie whilst drinking a hot chocolate and so I thought this mug would be absolutely perfect for just that purpose 🙂 Its adorable and works so well with the cozy vibes I always try and go for during the winter when its cold outside 🙂

Let me know in the comments what you favourite product from the New Zoella Christmas range is or if you have asked for any of these for christmas 🙂


Stocking Fillers under £10 :)

Stocking Fillers under £10 :)

1. Lush bath bombs- Lush bath bombs make a perfect stocking filler as they are relatively cheap and are perfect for every bath/lush addict 🙂 My favourite lush bath bomb around this time of year is the Golden Wonder bath bomb although a quick word of warning it does leave ur bath with a lot of gold glitter everywhere!!


2. Zoella lip balm duo: Its always nice to get cute lip balms to keep in ur bag- this makes a perfect stocking filler as lip balms are not usually something that people will buy for themselves 🙂 I personally love the Zoella products as they are good quality and the packaging is sooo cute!!


3. Coconut lane notebook: For the girlboss in ur life 🙂 I absolutely love the coconut lane site- their products are so bloggeresque usually incorporating marble or pale pink 🙂 I love this #girlboss notebook as whilst you’re doing ur work you can shut the notebook and get some motivation if needed 🙂


4. Small Yankee candle: Because everyone loves candles! The Yankee candles are my favourites after the bath and body works candles 🙂 This Yankee candle makes a perfect stocking filler as it is small and not too expensive but you will also get a lot of use out of it 🙂 Candles again are something that people usually forget to buy for themselves 🙂


Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 23.03.46.png

5. Fluffy socks: This is such a cute thing to put in a stocking 🙂 Its perfect for anyone who enjoys cozy nights in or for someone who is always cold! I saw these really cute pug fuzzy socks on the new look website and knew I would have to include them! I personally think any dog lovers out there  would love to find these in their stockings 🙂


Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 23.04.16

Let me know in the comments what you have bought for people’s stockings/which of these you might buy 🙂


November Favourites 2016 <3

November Favourites 2016 <3

This month I have a whole load of favourites so I apologise and I’ll get straight into the post ❤


The Decoy Bride- My friend suggested this movie and OMG! This movie is extremely cheesy and very predictable but thats what’s so amazing about it :p It follows the story of a writer and a famous actress who are getting married but do not want their wedding to be discovered by the press so head to a small town in Scotland where they meet Katie who steps in to save the day and become ‘The Decoy Bride”- see what they did there :p

Good Kids- This film is one for an older audience as it has some mature themes ❤ this film follows four students who decide to reinvent themselves over summer before they go to college and is honesly one of the funniest films I’d watched in a while ❤

Youtube Red:

TATINOF- The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire! I was so happy when Dan and Phil announced that they were going to make this movie and put it onto youtube red and I definitely wasn’t disappointed!! For anyone who loves Dan and Phil this is a must watch whether you were lucky to go to their tour or not 🙂 if you went to the tour you get to experience the hilariousness all over again and if like me you didn’t manage to go to the tour you get to experience the magic for the first time ❤

A Trip to Unicorn Island- This Youtube Red production follows Lilly Singh while she embarks on her worldtour and shows you behind the scenes from when she first had the idea to go on a world tour right through to her last day of tour ❤ for anyone looking for motivation/inspiration I would highly recommend this production because Lilly is so inspirational ❤

Tv shows:

The Walking Dead- This is a tv show that I have been meaning to binge watch for ages now so when my cousin told me that Season 7 was starting at the end of October I decided to binge watch the first 6 seasons which took a while but was definitely worth it 🙂 This is not a Tv show for the faint hearted/squeamish…..

Sherlock- All of my friends have been recommending this to me for ages but I have never watched it but when I went to my friends house for Fireworks Night we decided to watch the first episode and ended up binge watching the whole of Season 1 🙂 Each episode is an hour and a half and there are about 3 episodes per season ❤ It follows Sherlock Holmes and John Watson as they try to solve numerous mysteries ❤


DNA- Lia Marie Johnson: I stupidly watched the music video for this song on my commute to University and I was nearly crying on the train 😦 This song is very emotional but AMAZING!

To My Parents- Anna Clendening: This song was written by Anna Clendening when she was living with her parents with no job after dropping out of college and is another song that almost made my cry on my commute.

The Internet is here- Dan and Phil: I think anyone who knows Dan and Phil even slightly knows that they are not necessarily the best singers in the world but this song is hilarious! It is part of their stage show and they decided to release the song for Stand Up For Cancer which is a great cause 🙂


Fudge hot chocolate- Starbucks: My Starbucks obsession continues to grow……… this drink is probably my favourite Starbucks drink ever 🙂 for anyone who likes a Hot Chocolate this is definitely the one for you ❤ I love picking this drink up on my way to uni because I discovered that the train station closest to my university has a Starbucks!! 🙂

Girl online On Tour- Zoe Sugg: When Zoe announced her third book and the final book of the Girl Online trilogy I was so excited! When the book arrived I curled up for the afternoon with a hot chocolate and read the book within about 5 hours and I thoroughly enjoyed it ❤ I think I even squealed at one point in the book 🙂 I love that Zoe writes about the ins and outs of friendship and as a blogger I love the little blog posts that ‘Penny’ has written being placed sporadically throughout the book 🙂 Overall an amazing end to the trilogy ❤ Well Done Zoe xxx

Let me know in the comments what you guys have been loving this month ❤️❤️


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October Favourites 2015

October Favourites 2015


Girl Online On Tour: Zoe Sugg: I absolutely loved Zoe’s first book Girl Online so when she announced she was doing a second book I was so excited and she did not disappoint ❤ This book follows on from Girl Online and follows Penny and Noah and their adventures when Penny decides to go with Noah on a world tour!

girl online on tour

Binge: Tyler Oakley- Tyler Oakley was one of the first youtubers I ever subscribed to so when he announced he was writing an auto-biography I was very excited! I spent pretty much the entire time I was reading this book laughing my head off ❤

binge tyler oakley

The Isle of the Lost: Melissa De La Cruz- This book was one I decided to buy after watching the film Descendants and it is amazing!! For any Disney fan this is definitely a must read ❤ This book follows the adventures of the children of Disney characters and we get to see what happens when the Villans kids get to go to school in the United states of Auradon with the children of the Princes and Princesses of classic disney movies ❤

the isle of the lost


Sounds Good Feels Good- 5 Seconds of Summer: My favourite song is Permanent Vacation 🙂 🙂 🙂


Confident: Demi Lovato: My favourite song is Stone Cold 🙂 xx


Hello: Adele- I absolutely love Adele, I mean who doesn’t?? My favourite song of hers if probably Rolling in the Deep however this may have taken over ❤ This song was definitely worth the wait ❤



Descendants: My favourite character is Mal who is played by the gorgeous Dove Cameron  and this is the film of the book I mentioned earlier The Isle of the Lost 🙂


Hairspray: I know this movie is really old but its one of my favourites 🙂 also who doesn’t love a film where Zac Efron shows off his amazing singing skills!!



Kinder Surprises: The chocolate is amazing!!!


Aero Hot Chocolate- Seeing as it is starting to get slightly cold I have been loving making myself a nice hot chocolate and curling up watching Youtube in the evening 🙂


Metcalfes Skinny Popcorn, Sweet & Salty- These are for those cozy afternoons when ur having a movie marathon drinking a hot chocolate wrapped up in a duvet wearing fluffy socks and pj’s ❤



Halloween- I will have another blog post coming out soon all about my halloween 🙂 🙂

Zoella Beauty- Let me know in the comments if u want me to do a Zoella Beauty Haul ❤ ❤

Let me know in the comments what you have been loving this month ❤