Updated 25 Facts about me 2017 :) 

Updated 25 Facts about me 2017 :) 

I have been writing this blog for around 2 years now…… how crazy is that!!! I thought that for this blogs 2nd birthday I would do an update on my first ever blog post 🙂

  1. What is your middle name? My middle name is and will always be Victoria 🙂
  2. What was your favourite subject in school? I  went to a WW1 exhibit at a high school near me a few months ago which reminded me how much I love History so I would have to change my answer from my previous post to History ❤
  3. What is your favourite drink? Still Lemonade/Sprite- Boring I know :p
  4. What is your favourite song at the moment? DNA by Lia Maria Johnson.
  5. What is your favourite food? PIZZA
  6. What is the last thing you bought? A Jumper from the Youtube Space London
  7. Favourite book of all time? Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon or The List by Siobhan Vivian (I couldn’t decide ok!!)
  8. Favourite Colour? Still Lilac and I don’t think that will ever change 🙂
  9. Any Pets? I still have my dog Ellie, my bearded dragon and my tortoise but unfortunately there have been no new additions to the family 😦
  10. Favourite Perfume? Victoria Secret Pink Wild & Breezy body mist
  11. Favourite holiday? I have been on a few holidays since the last post but I would  say New York or Paris have to be my favourites 🙂
  12. Married? Nope (I’m still only 20!!)
  13. Have you ever been out of the country? I have been very lucky and have travelled quite a bit 🙂 Since my last post I have been to Paris, Mexico and New York ❤
  14. Do you speak any other languages? Oui, Je parle un peu francais 🙂 I also want to learn Spanish but at the moment I’m focusing on French 🙂
  15. How many siblings do you have? Two older brothers
  16. Favourite shop? LUSH!! I love going in there at Christmastime and seeing all the Christmas bath bombs 🙂
  17. Favourite Restaurant? Lugana (a local Italian place)
  18. When was the last time you cried? About a month ago.
  19. Favourite Blog? Mine- KIDDING!! My favourite blog is still probably Zoella’s: https://www.zoella.co.uk/ but I also love The Mandeville sisters blog: http://www.mandevillesisters.com/, Sophie Rosies blog: http://www.sophierosie.com/ and also Kalyn Nicholsons: http://www.kalynnicholson.com/
  20. Favourite Movie? Me Before You or Love Rosie 🙂 I can’t decide because they’re both so great and both feature Sam Claflin!!
  21. Favourite tv show: Gilmore Girls- I binge watched this tv show a few months ago and I talked about it in my February 2017 Favourites and 10 more Tv shows to binge watch blog posts because I love it so much 🙂
  22. PC or Mac? Mac
  23. What phone do you have? Rose Gold Iphone 6S
  24.  How tall are you? Still 5ft 2in which means I’m still concentrated awesome :p
  25. Can you cook? As I mentioned in my last post I am more of a baker which is still true but living in uni halls for a year meant I couldn’t bake or cook as much as I wanted to 😦

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this blog post or if you would like me to expand on any of my answers ❤


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