Shopping Haul :)

Shopping Haul :)

In the UK all non-essential shops have been closed since just before Christmas but as part of the easing of lockdown measures they re-opened on the 12th of April so I decided to have a bit of a shopping spree and buy a few things 🙂

I have been doing quite a bit of online shopping as well so I think I will start with the few bits that I bought online 🙂

The first shop that I looked at online was a brand called Noize who are a sustainable brand and this sweatsuit is made from recycled plastic bottles! I originally heard about this brand through Kalyn Nicholson and decided to order a jumper and sweatpants because #Lockdownfashion 🙂 I absolutely love these and will 100% be wearing these all the time!

The second place that I had ordered some clothes from was a brand called Lucy and Yak which I found out about from my friend Ellie as she was wearing some of their dungarees last time I saw her 🙂 I ordered a purple corduroy dress, a orangey skirt and some red dungarees however I haven’t taken a photo of them because they need to be altered as the legs are slightly too long 🙂 Lucy and Yak are also a relatively new sustainable brand 🙂

The final place I ordered from was a shop called Magical Day Apparel which I found through Carrie Hope Fletchers Instagram and fell in love ❤ I ordered a few pieces which really spoke to me and I love them!!!

The first shop that I went into when shopping in person was Primark because I needed a few bits from their homeware section but decided to have a look at some of their clothes as well and picked up one or two bits 🙂 From the homeware section I picked up some reed diffusers because I love candles but don’t like burning them when I’m out so I felt like reed diffusers were a good alternative 🙂 I then picked up some baskets for my skincare drawer and some notebooks 🙂 I finally picked up 2 t-shirts and a PJ top which I just couldn’t resist 🙂

The next shop I popped into was Tiger because I have missed going in there and finding the most random things! The first thing I picked up were two flower pots because they were so cute and I had seen them in the window when walking past last week 🙂 I then picked up a Yoga block as I didn’t have one of my own and have been borrowing my mums 🙂 I think I might try and pick another one up next week!

Two other shops I went into were The Works and also HMV 🙂 I went into HMV to pick up Taylor Swifts new album and then into The Works to pick up some storage boxes as I was looking for something to store my Camera stuff in as I have spare lenses and information packets that I wanted to pack away safely and neatly 🙂

One of the final places I went into was M&S and picked up some comfy jeans which I didn’t actually take a picture of (such a terrible blogger I know!), I then went into the GoodMove section and picked up some new leggings and also a t-shirt as I needed some more summer work-out tops 🙂 I then found a cute t-shirt with flowers on it which I just had to pick up 🙂

The final shop I went into was GAME and picked up some POPs as I have been wanting some bits to perk up my bookshelves and I think they are really cute so I picked up a Hermione and Mulan pop 🙂

I also went into Waterstones and picked up a few books but I think I will show those in a separate post 🙂

Let me know in the comments what you will be picking up on your first trip to the shops 🙂


Notebook Haul/Collection :)

Notebook Haul/Collection :)

As part of Carrie Hope Fletchers Good Morning World series she did a notebook haul and as a resident stationery nerd I absolutely loved it and thought that some of you might find it interesting if I went through some of my notebooks as well as I have quite a collection!

The first notebook I’m going to show you guys I believe is from TKMaxx and I’m actually going to use it for my 2021 agenda where I just write down stuff that I want to get done that month, to-do lists, keep track of my socials and blog post etc 🙂

The next notebook I got when I was at London Zoo completing Zoo Academy which is a course they run for teenagers who want to work with animals and we learnt all about the different animals at the zoo 🙂 I believe I got this in a goodie bag when I completed the course 🙂

My third notebook was from Etsy and I use this to document my Blogs and started using this when I was in my third year of University to plan my blogmas as I was so busy at the time 🙂

The next notebook I got for my birthday from my friend Birunda and its a Book journal where you can write reviews of the books you have read, it has a TBR list and finally it also gives you space to document the books that you have lent to other people 🙂

I have always loved the idea of a Travel Journal and have become even more excited for this idea since reading my Great Grandmas travel diaries so I will definitely be using this once I’m allowed to travel 🙂

Many of you will know that I went to the Royal Veterinary College for university and so one of the few things that I actually got for myself as a graduation present was an RVC notebook 🙂

I have become obsessed with MuchelleB on Youtube recently as it is coming up to December which means New years! I am obsessed with GYST type products and will definitely be using this to plan my New Year 🙂

My friend Anna got this for me a few Christmases ago and I absolutely love it! Its so useful especially this year where you need to know your friends addresses to send them cards/presents/letters 🙂 It also lists the different months and you can write out your friends birthdays 🙂

This was also a present from my friend and you write a sentence a day and the idea is to write one thing a day that make you smile/made you happy 🙂

Finally I am just going to show all the rest of my notebooks which are from Primark/Clintons/House of Spells 🙂

Let me know in the comments where you buy your notebooks and what your favourite notebook is 🙂


New York Haul

New York Haul

At the end of November I was lucky enough to go on holiday with my Mum to New York which was amazing 🙂 While I was there I did a fair amount of shopping so I thought I would do a haul of all of the stuff I bought whilst I was there 🙂

As mentioned in my two previous blog posts I am a massive musical theatre nerd so while I was there I found a musical theatre shop called Theatre Circle which was a musical theatre nerds dreamland. While I was there I picked up a few cds and some show programmes 🙂

In the UK we don’t have a Bath and Body Works so I was so excited to do a Bath and Body works haul especially as they had all of their seasonal candles 🙂 I picked up quite a few candles and some skincare/body stuff in my favourite scent Winter Candy Apple 🙂 I absolutely love Bath and body works and will definitely be returning if I am lucky enough to go to New York again 🙂

The final store I went into was Sephora which is another store that is not in the UK 😦 I have been to Sephora before but not for ages and I have never been during the Christmas season where all of the different brands have their festive collections 🙂 I bought two eyeshadow palettes and a few other bits ❤

Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to New York and if you have what stores were your favourites 🙂


Coconut Queen

Coconut Queen

As some of you may know for around a year I have been obsessed with a website called Coconut Lane as the site is completely my aesthetic with Gossip Girl, Mean Girls inspired things and so much Marble and rose gold!! You can imagine my excitement when I became a #CoconutQueen!! This means that I have a unique code to give you guys which gives you 20% off storewide which is: gracethoroughgood20!! In honor of becoming a #CoconutQueen I thought that I would show you guys some of my favourite products that I have purchased from Coconut Lane 🙂



Laptop case:

There are so many products like these on the site which can be found here. I have so much love for this site and have no doubt I will be buying a few more things very soon as they have recently added some make-up brushes, make-up bags and some pins!  🙂

Let me know in the comments if you have ordered anything from the Coconut lane store or if you are now going to order something 🙂