February Favourites 2022 ðŸ˜Š

Only murders in the building: This is a Disney+ original series starring Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short and it was so funny and clever!! I am a big Selena Gomez fan and I’m also a fan of murder mysteries but I loved that this show is also a comedy as some murder mysteries can be quite serious. The idea behind the show is that the three main characters are big fans of true crime podcasts and when a murder occurs in their building they decide to investigate and start their own podcast 😂

Oeuf Cafe in Hove- On Mayas birthday we decided to take her to Brighton beach for the day because she absolutely loves the beach!! One of my mums friends recommended this cafe because it’s right by the Hove beach huts and it’s extremely dog friendly and we could even take Maya inside! The food was lovely and they have a special breakfast called frumpets which were a cross between French toast and a crumpet 😊

The Joker and the by Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift: I am a big Ed Sheeran fan and also a massive Taylor Swift so I LOVE whenever they do a collaboration ☺️ I really liked the music video for this song and I loved that it continued on from the music video for Everything has changed.

One of us is lying- This was a show that arrived on Netflix near the start of the month and I really enjoyed it! I remember reading the book while in high school I think and I really enjoyed it I think because as mentioned earlier I really enjoy a murder mystery and this book is different from most 🙂 the book has become pretty popular on Booktok recently so that also made me really excited for the show.

Love is Blind Season 2- I watched the first season of Love is Blind with my mum during one of the lockdowns and absolutely loved it so was really intrigued to see what season 2 would bring and it was so good!! I LOVED Deepti, Iyanna and Natalie I think they seemed so sweet, Shake annoyed me so much and I still don’t know how I feel about Danielle and…….

Let me know in the comments what you were loving throughout the month of February ☺️


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