My favourite songs and lyrics from Bring it On The Musical :)

On the 18th of January I went to see the Bring It On the musical which was so amazing 🙂 I have been wanting to see this show for AGES and have had it booked for around 2 years but due to Covid it had kept being postponed or cancelled. I love the original film and am also a big Lin Manuel Miranda fan so I loved the soundtrack!

Some of my favourite songs:

  • What I was Born to Do
  • One Perfect Moment
  • Do Your Own Thing
  • We Ain’t No Cheerleaders
  • It’s All Happening
  • It Aint No Thing
  • Enjoy The Trip
  • We’re Not Done
  • I Got You

Some of my favourite lyrics:

  • Because this dream that I’ve dreamed is becoming fulfilled, And I plan to enjoy it but right now, I don’t have the time- One Perfect Moment
  • We work and we fight and train and hustle, We get mani pedi’s but we’re made of muscle- What I was Born to Do
  • But hey, we’re finding our own way now, And isn’t that what being young’s all about?- Do Your Own Thing
  • When we roll through with our crew, No one can do what we do, it’s true, But we would still do it if no one was watching, And let’s be real, who could blame them for watching?- We Ain’t No Cheerleaders
  • ‘Cause every day, we get haters, Who say they can take us, Okay baby, If that helps you sleep at night- We Ain’t No Cheerleaders
  • We gonna gather up every good girl we know, We’ll get vertical ‘til we get vertigo, Let’s show these hoes how to put on a show!- Its All Happening
  • Imagine the lights, imagine the people, Imagine us in the middle of the crowd, Imagine the fame, imagine the fortune- Its All Happening
  • Some kids used to tease me And put me through hell, Some people are mean But most people mean well, It’s just their thinkin’ is stinkin’—And a little outdated- Ain’t No Thing
  • Right now everything seems so important, but time rushes by at a clip and when you look back, these high school years will be nothing more than a blip so you might as well enjoy the trip- Enjoy The Trip
  • And in twenty years, It’s not a big ole trophy that I’ll miss, But I’ll always smile when I remember this, I got you (You)- I Got You

Let me know in the comments if you have seen the movie or musical 🙂


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