Blogmas Day 25: Merry Christmas 2021 :)

I actually can’t believe Christmas is finally here!! It feels like I blinked and December just came and went- I feel like this year it hasn’t felt like Christmas at all due to a sense of impending lockdown/doom however its finally here!! I actually have a bit of time off just before and slightly after as well so I’m looking forward to spending some festive time at home 🙂

This Christmas is going to look slightly different than my usual christmasses as this year we have decided to go to my Nans for Christmas dinner and see all of my Dads side of the family there including all of my nans dogs and my cousins and my aunt and then my Mums side of the family is coming for a Boxing day dinner once I get back from work 🙂 I believe my middle brother is going to come over however my oldest brother is currently having to isolate so I think we’re going to skype him on Christmas day which will be lovely 🙂

This year is Mayas third Christmas so I’m excited to see if she remember past years and gets excited to open presents! Last year near the end she started opening her presents herself which is very fun and we always take her for a nice family walk together as well 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂


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