Blogmas Day 13: 2021 Christmas Movies

I have written many posts about some of my favourite Christmas movies but every year there are new ones that come out that I love so pretty much every year I will write an update post 🙂

  • LoveHard: Lovehard is a modern day Christmas romance movie about a girl who meets her seemingly perfect guy however when she travels to meet him she finds out she has been catfished! Its a very funny film with lots of very awkward near-misses and a very satisfying cute ending and I am a big fan of Nina Dobrev so it was very cool to see her in a Christmas movie 🙂
  • The Happiest Season: This is such a cute movie!! It has some amazing music, a very adorable plot and a great cast including Kristen Stewart, Dan Levy and Mackenzie Davis 🙂 The story follows Kristen Stewarts character when she travels with her girlfriend to her parents house for the holidays and prepares to propose only to find out that her girlfriend has yet to come out to her parents!
  • The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star: This is the third movie in the Princess Switch series and it is just as cheesy and amazing as ever 🙂 I am a big fan of Vanessa Hudgens and Christmas movies so combining the two is always going to be a win in my book 🙂 This series includes all of the classic cheesy tropes including people switching over, cute dates, princes and princesses and a Christmas heist- whats not to love!! 🙂
  • A Boy Called Christmas- This is the newest Christmas film from Sky Cinema and it is the story of how Christmas first started and I actually watched this movie with my parents on one of our movie nights and I always love a Christmas movie and especially ones that tell the story of how Christmas originally started 🙂
  • Single all the way- This is a new Netflix Rom-Com which is so so cute! The story follows Peter who gets tired of his family always asking about his relationship status so pretends to date his best friend Nick however he ends up going on a blind date with someone else who seems absolutely perfect and its just a very cute, easy watch 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you have any favourite Christmas movies I haven’t mentioned 🙂


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