My favourite songs and lyrics from The Prince of Egypt :)

On the 8th of September I went to see The Prince of Egypt with my friend Hannah which was so so amazing!! This was my second time seeing the show and it was so nice to be back in a theatre and see a show and I absolutely loved it 🙂 I have done quite a few posts about some of my favourite songs and lyrics from musicals but I thought I would write down some of my favourite lyrics and songs from this show 🙂

Some of my favourite songs:

  • Deliver Us
  • Footprints on the Sand
  • Dance To The Day
  • In a Million Years
  • Through Heavens Eyes
  • Always on Your Side
  • Heartless
  • Faster

Some of my favourite lyrics:

  • Sleep and remember my last lullaby, So I’ll be with you when you dream- Deliver Us
  • Footprints on the sand, Ripples on the river Wispy drifting clouds, That blow across the desert sky- Footprints on the Sand
  • But maybe just to leave things, A little changed from when I came- Footprints on the sand
  • But now, I will dance But my dance will be only for me, I dance to the day, I am free- Dance To The Day
  • And if you should ask how soon I think this feeling disappears, Never in a million years- In A Million Years
  • A single thread in a tapestry, Though its color brightly shines, Can never see its purpose, In the pattern of the grand design- Through Heavens Eyes
  • So how do you measure the worth of a man, In wealth or strength or size?- Through Heavens Eyes
  • To pick me up, restore my purpose and my pride, When you were always at my side- Always On Your Side
  • Scattering melons and olives and baskets, And making a small disaster, No time to turn and look back at the damage we’ve done, We’ve got to go faster- Faster

Let me know in the comments if you have seen The Prince of Egypt and if you have what is your favourite song 🙂


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