My favourite songs and lyrics from Cinderella :)

On the 22nd of August I went to see Andrew Lloyd Webbers new musical Cinderella starring Carrie Hope Fletcher which was so so amazing!! It was so nice to be back in a theatre and see a show and I absolutely loved it 🙂 I have done quite a few posts about some of my favourite songs and lyrics from musicals so I thought since this was the first new show I have seen in over a year I would write a post about some of my favourites from this musical 🙂

Some of my favourite songs:

  • Bad Cinderella
  • So Long
  • Only You Lonely You
  • Beauty has a price
  • I know I have a heart
  • Far Too Late
  • Cinderellas Soliloquy
  • Finale

Some of my favourite lyrics:

  • They call me a wretch, a witch, well, choose one. Every fairytale, for sure, can use one- Bad Cinderella
  • How I’ve missed Cinderella, That’s a total surprise, Not at all what I expected. If I kissed Cinderella, She might blacken my eyes- So Long
  • So long, farewell, It’s really been swell, Have a nice life, Good luck with your wife- So Long (reprise)
  • I’m sky-high and I long to show you, My whole world is altered Yet, I don’t say a thing, Only you Lonely you, Show me how my lonely heart can sing- Only You Lonely You
  • Just like that goddess from Greece, you know, who launched all the ships, So when men stare in my eyes it’s like a solar еclipse- Beauty has a price
  • Buckle up, don’t forget, beauty isn’t cheap, It can cost you all you own and your beauty sleep- Beauty has a Price
  • Like a damsel in distress, In a torn party dress. Someone I never met, I was pretending. Should have known all along, That I need to be strong. For a girl who’s like me, There’s no happy ending- I know I have a Heart
  • If I could, I would somehow turn the clock back, And this heartache I create, But it’s far too late- Far Too Late
  • Look at me, Cinderella, with the wind in my sails, I will never look behind me, You won’t see Cinderella, I’ll be off blazing trails, Where no one I know can find me- Cinderellas Soliloquy

Let me know in the comments if you have been to see Cinderella yet 🙂


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