More Body Positive Instagrams :)

In the lead up to the summer months begins I have seen lots of articles and posts about becoming beach body/summer ready which is just ridiculous because if you have a body and are on a beach then you have a beach body. I have written a few other posts similar to this one but I thought that since we are in the lead up to summer I would update it so that you can follow some inspirational, confident people and see some positivity on your feed 🙂

  • Ryley Isaac- Ryley was on Season 3 of Glow Up and did some absolutely amazing make-up looks which emphasised her birth-mark which was super cool!
  • Shira Rose- Shira is an Eating disorder therapist and body positive blogger who works to dismantle the stigma around body size and ensure that everyone has equal access to healthcare.
  • Laetdecar- Laeti is actually someone that I found on TikTok where she does Big Sister style videos about body image and raising awareness of eating disorders. She also runs the Sunflower Merch site which is so lovely 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you have anyone you think I should follow ❤


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