Ultimate Harry Potter Tag :)

I have always been a massive fan of Harry Potter but since downloading TikTok and seeing all of the amazing HP cosplayers I have really gotten back into the series 🙂

*Disclaimer* I do not support JKR *Disclaimer*

  1. Favourite book? I think my favourite book would have to be The Prisoner of Azkaban as it is the first time that we meet the Marauders 🙂
  2. Least Favourite Book? I love all of the books but I would probably say Half Blood Prince as its main purpose is to set up the final book but I feel like its not my favourite as a stand-alone book 🙂
  3. Favourite Movie? Probably Goblet of Fire- I absolutely love the Tri-Wizard tournament
  4. Least Favourite Movie? Half Blood Prince for the same reason of the book
  5. Favourite Quote? “Happiness can be found even in the darkest times if one only remembers to turn on the light”
  6. Favourite Weasley? Fred and George 🙂
  7. Favourite Female Character: Probably Hermione as she is clever, kind, a loyal friend and the brightest witch of her age :p
  8. Favourite villain: The villain that I love to hate is Dolores Umbridge- I don’t think much needs to be said about her I feel like the whole fandom is agreed that she is the WORST
  9. Favourite Male Character: Depending on the Era we are talking about I would have to say either Remus Lupin or Neville Longbottom, I love Neville because he has such growth throughout the series and Lupin is just amazing 🙂
  10. Favourite Professor: Remus Lupin- I feel like he was the only DADA teacher that actually taught them anything!! I also love Hagrid but I don’t know if he is classed as a professor but he did teach Care of Magical Creatures 🙂
  11. Wash Snape’s hair, or spend a day listening to Lockhart rant about himself? Listen to Lockhart rant about himself
  12. Duel an elated Bellatrix, or an angry Molly? Angry Molly- although Molly is really scary when she is angry Bellatrix scared the living daylights out of me!
  13. Travel to Hogwarts via Hogwarts Express or a flying car?- Definitely Hogwarts express it would be so cool!
  14. Ride a hippogriff, or ride a firebolt? Hippogriff most definitely- I think everyone wanted their own Buckbeak after Prisoner of Azkaban
  15. Your top thing (person or event) which wasn’t included in the movie that annoyed you the most? There are so so many things that got left out of the movies that were in the books but I think the main thing is most of the Marauders stuff, Peeves, the deathday party in Chamber of Secrets 🙂
  16. Which house were you actually sorted into on Pottermore? Hufflepuff 🙂
  17. Which class would be your favourite? Care of Magical creatures or Defence of the Dark arts
  18. Which spell do you think would be most useful to learn? Expelliarmus or Apparition
  19. Which character do you think you’d instantly become best friends with? Hermione, Ginny or Luna 🙂 Hermione because we’re both bookworms, Ginny because Book Ginny is a bad-ass and Luna because I think we could chat about all of the magical creatures 🙂
  20. If you could own one of the Hallows, which one would you choose? The invisibility cloak
  21. Favourite Marauder- Remus Lupin
  22. If you could bring one character back to life who would it be? There are so many! Fred, Lupin, Tonks and Dobby are the first ones that pop into mind
  23. Hallows or Horcruxes? Hallows because you don’t have to murder anyone to get them and I can keep my soul in one piece!

Let me know in the comments your answers to these questions 🙂


7 thoughts on “Ultimate Harry Potter Tag :)

  1. Turns out we are in the same house: I am a Hufflepuff as well

    Plus, my least favorite movie is Half Blood Prince

    Actually, plan to reread the books. I had to ask for my own set= due to my sister trying to control when to read the series (that wasn’t the case for the first time)

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