Blogmas Day 28: Christmas weekend 2020 :)

The few days before Christmas I did Zoom calls with my friends which was so lovely 🙂 On Christmas eve after doing quite a few homely jobs as my Mum hasn’t been very well the last few days we then settled down to our classic dinner of a Chinese take-away and then curled up to watch Jingle All The Way which we used to watch religiously as kids on Christmas eve and so we decided this year to watch it for the nostalgia effect 🙂 By this time we had had a few drinks and my older brother gave me one of my presents early which was Harry Potter themed Dobble so we started playing that which was so fun!!

Christmas day we woke up, had a cooked breakfast and then went and started opening presents 🙂 I had bought my dad a retro Space Invaders game which connects to the TV so as soon as he had opened that up he got my brother to set it up for him and got engrossed in playing while we finished off opening the presents around him 🙂 Maya was running around like a lunatic whilst opening her presents and we actually only gave her 3/4 of her presents on Christmas day and then gave her the last few on Boxing day 🙂 We then went to see my Grandma (my mums mum) and took the dog for a walk as she has a park behind her house so while my mum chatted to her my dad and I took it in turns with the dog in the park 🙂 We then popped round my Nan and Grandads house to talk to them on the drive and as they only live round the corner my brothers walked round and joined us which was lovely 🙂 After that we headed home and had our Christmas dinner 🙂

On Boxing day I actually had to go to work which was really really nice as I have been on Furlough since April of 2020 and have only been in for 3 days since then in November so it was nice to go back in again and see people 🙂 Once I got back from work at around 5 we then sat down for another Christmas dinner which was absolutely delicious!! After dinner we then all sat down and watched The Grinch 🙂

Finally on the 28th I spent most of the day playing my new Animal Crossing New Horizons game 🙂

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are still enjoying the festive season between Christmas and New Year where the world seems to stand still 🙂


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