My 5 favourite Disney Live Action Remakes So far :)

So far there have been 13 Disney Live Action remakes and there are set to be at least 3 per year for the foreseeable future! As many of you probably already know I am a big Disney fan so have loved revisiting some of my old favourite movies but with some amazing new songs, story points and some girl power added 🙂

  1. Aladdin- I watched Aladdin recently and I absolutely loved it! I’m a big fan of the original film and also of Naomi Scott as she is such an amazing actress and singer 🙂 I didn’t think they would be able to top the original film however I loved the new song Speechless as it has such an important message and the melody is beautiful! I loved the girl power element that Naomi Scotts Jasmine brings to the film as well.
  2. The Lion King- I went to see the new Live Action Lion King within the first few weeks and I absolutely loved it! The animation was so realistic and absolutely beautiful and having Beyonce voice Nala was so cool as her voice is so amazing 🙂 
  3. Cinderella- I actually rewatched the Live Action Cinderella recently because I was watching Mamma Mia Here We Go Again so decided to google what other films Lily James has been in and this was one of the first ones that came up. The Cinderella story is one that has been remade so many times but I love the simplicity of this story and also the added depth to Cinderella’s backstory and her relationship with the prince 🙂 
  4. Beauty and the Beast- Beauty and the Beast is my older brothers favourite Disney film so as a family we went to see this on one of the first weekends 🙂 I’m a big fan of Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as well since Harry Potter and Downtown Abbey. I love the added elements to the story with Belles mother and some back story about the Beast and the added songs 🙂
  5. Alice in Wonderland- ‘Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast’. This is a film that has been out since 2010 so has been out for a while but that I absolutely love 🙂 Its filled with amazing actors and actresses and I’m a big fan of Tim Burtons work especially The Nightmare Before Christmas! 

I’m so excited for the rest of the Live Actions films coming out in the next few years including Mulan, The Little Mermaid, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and also Lilo and Stitch!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite Live Action Disney remake is 🙂


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