Jane the Virgin Tag :)

In honour of the last few episodes of Jane the Virgin I thought I would do the Jane the Virgin tag which I first saw done by JonasAlmostFamous on youtube but I don’t know if she actually originated the tag 🙂 Without further ado lets get into the questions 🙂

1) Favorite Character? I think my favourite character would have to be either Rogelio because he’s so funny or Jane.

2) Character you are most like? According to Buzzfeed I’m most like Alba which sounds about right because I am a grandma at heart!

3) Actor you would want to spend a day with? Gina! She seems like she would be such a lovely person and she’s so talented.

4) Favorite setting? The Marbella- I wish it was a proper hotel!

5) Team Michael or Team Rafael? I have always been Team Rafael since the start even when Jane and Michael were married.

6) Character you wish was in more episodes? Luisa- I think her relationship with Rafael is so interesting and I would love to see them team up and stop Rose before the finale.

7) Character that makes you the maddest? MAGDA!

8) Favorite villain? Rose most definitely

9) Character you secretly root for? I have actually always rooted for Petra since the beginning and I have loved seeing her transformation from Season 1 to now and seeing how much she’s grown as a person.

10) Favorite pairing? Michael and Rogelio

11) Favorite pair of twins? Petra and Anezka

Let me know in the comments if you have watched Jane the Virgin before and if you have what you think of the show 🙂



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