My Cruelty Free Make-up Brush Collection :)

*DISCLAIMER* All of these brands came up as cruelty free when I looked on but I don’t know if that site is 100% accurate and I’m still learning. *DISCLAIMER*

*DISCLAIMER* I am not trying to show off or brag in any way I just love reading these kinds of posts and thought it would be fun and interesting- I have been playing around with make-up since I was around 16 so have gathered this collection over 6 years! *DISCLAIMER*

My first set of brushes that you see are my Unicorn brushes which were actually given to me by my Mum’s friend for my 21st Birthday. They are being stored in a Mean Girls Storage pot 🙂

Behind the Unicorn Brushes I have my Burn Book which is from Spectrum Brushes 🙂 When you open up the Burn Book you will see all of my brushes 🙂 I have 19 brushes from the Mean Girls Spectrum set: CO7, CO2, CO4, AO3, BO4, AO8, A12, A13, AO7, CO1, AO5, BO1, AO1, A21, A16, A10, A17, BO6.

I also have 6 brushes from their Millennial Pink Collection– AO3, CO3, BO1, CO4, AO1, BO2.

I also have a few random Spectrum brushes from some of their other collections 🙂

The other make-up brush collection that I have quite a few from is Real Techniques Brushes 🙂 I have most of their original collection and some of  their bold metals  collection as well 🙂

Let me know in the comments what your favourite make-up brushes are 🙂


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