May favourites 2019 :)

  1. That 70s Show- I have been watching this show for a few months now as a way to pass the time as it is very easy watching and is great for watching in the background. I love that this show has lots of well known actors such as Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon and Wilmer Valderrama at the start of their career and its so funny seeing all of the vintage technology and clothing in the show as well however some of the humour is definitely outdated and some of the jokes are definitely not appropriate for a 2019 audience!Β 
  2. Honest Burger- I had never been to honest burger until this month!! I know!! I went with my two friends Chiara and Poon and it was absolutely lovely πŸ™‚ We went to the one in Holborn so I had a Holborn burger which is a beef burger with Parma Ham and Mozzarella πŸ™‚ I love that each restaurant has its own burger which means that no visit to Honest Burger will be the same πŸ™‚
  3. I Don’t Care with Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber- I am a big fan of Ed Sheeran and have been for many years since his first album + and have seen him grow into an international superstar. I am so excited for the rest of the songs on his new album of collaborations πŸ™‚
  4. May Myself and I- As previously mentioned in many posts I am a a big fan of Carries so I have been absolutely loving her daily video project in May called May, Myself and I where every day she has been posting a video based off a word prompt πŸ™‚ Every day has been bringing something new and exciting and I love the idea because it means that other people can join in as well because she posted the word prompts a few days before πŸ™‚

Let me know what you have been loving throughout May πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “May favourites 2019 :)

    1. I didn’t know either until I went it but I think its such a good idea because it makes people want to go to each different location to try the different burgers πŸ™‚ I think you can find the menus for each place online so you could pick one to go to and some places might even have a veggie option as their burger πŸ™‚ x


  1. May:

    While I did not get to see a musical, I still need do something with Blumenthal. While Blumenthal does touring productions, it did this event called Charlotte. Things will spread through Downtown (technically it’s called Uptown)- illuminated seesaws, prisms, gigantic bunnies, and a field of wheat. I saw a group of aerial dancers, who were literally dancing on the side of a building, and through saw a story told by men, who came pirates and they literally were climbing up these long poles. That was the real highlight of May.

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  2. Alas, I am destined to always get the same burger at Honest Burger (until they bring out vegetarian versions that is!). I love Honest Burger – their restaurants are always so cute and the food is actually good for the reasonable price. xx


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