Top 5 #Ham4Hams

The Schuyler Georges- This was one of the first Ham4Hams I saw and I absolutely loved it! Its such a funny video including Jonathon Groff, Renee, Brian D’Arcy and Andrew Rannells with the three guys who have played King George playing the Schuyler Sisters and Renee playing Burr. The West Wing Cabinet Battle- This video … More Top 5 #Ham4Hams

Top 5 MCU videos

Marvel Cinematic Universe [Recap Rap]- The Warp Zone:Β  I absolutely love this video by The Warp Zone because it has comedy, is so clever and is a great recap of the previous movies before Infinity War. They must have spent so much time on this video and it definitely payed off! They also have a … More Top 5 MCU videos

December Favs

Dynasties- I am a big fan of David Attenborough so when I heard about his new series I was so excited! This series is a 5 part documentary on the different dynasties in the animal kingdom including Penguins, Chimpanzees, Lions, Tigers and also the ‘Painted Wolf’ which are also known as African Hunting Dogs. The … More December Favs

Top 15 Songs from Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 1+2 :)

Last year my flatmate Chiara (Hi if you’re reading this <3) recommended the Tv Show Crazy Ex Girlfriend on Netflix which is written by and starring Rachel Bloom. I absolutely love her comedy and that this show helps to de-stigmatise mental illness. This show usually includes two or three musical numbers per episode so I … More Top 15 Songs from Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 1+2 πŸ™‚