Vlogmasses I’m watching this year 😊

1. Zoella –  Zoella is one of the first people I watched on youtube and who everyone always associates with Vlogmas as she makes no secret of her love of Christmas. Her vlogs are always really long which is perfect for a cosy christmassy night in 😊 She decorates her house really early and always watches lots of christmas films and does lots of christmas themed shopping!

2. Alisha Marie – I always enjoy watching Alisha’s vlogmas videos as she is such a christmassy person that she gets me so excited! Her vlogmas intros are always AMAZING, usually include her adorable dog Chloe and are the thing that make her stand out from the others and I always get super excited when I realise that her video is up so I can see what she has done this year for her intro. I usually like to get in the Christmas mood by binge watching her last years vlogmas when its nearing the end of November 😊

3. Mark Ferris – Mark ferris is one of Zoe’s closest friends and also has a great love of Christmas 😊 he recently moved into a new flat so I’m very excited for all of his Christmas decor!

4. Ashley Nicole – Ashley is Alisha’s sister and also lives with Alisha so it is really cool seeing the two different perspectives of the same day and the two different routines mesh together 😊

5. Niki DeMar- Niki has a main channel called Niki and Gabi with her twin sister but I absolutely love seeing Niki on her side channel as she is so funny and is often at cool events 😊 she has an infectious love of Christmas and can often be found looking at Christmas decor with her boyfriend Nate and Alisha in Target 😂

6. RemLife – I have only recently started to get into Remi’s vlogs but Remi has such an infectious positivity that it’s hard not to want to watch her at this time of year 😊 She can also be found hanging out with Alisha filming their podcast pretty basic or Christmas shopping 😊

Let me know in the comments which youtubers you’re watching this vlogmas 😊


One thought on “Vlogmasses I’m watching this year 😊

  1. I love Alisha’s vlogmas! It is the only vlogmas that I have managed to watch this year because I have been so busy but excited to have 4 days to binge-watch them all. Who is your favourite? xx


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