My Favourite Fiction Books 

  1. Everything Everything- Nicola Yoon: I read this last summer whilst on holiday and was one of the first books I read from the first Zoella Book Club. I absolutely fell in love with this book and remember not wanting it to end. I am so happy because this book is now being turned into a movie and from the looks of the trailer it is going to be AMAZING!! This book follows Madeline who suffers from severe combined immunodeficiency so cannot leave her house however when Olly moves into the house next door Madeline’s life is turned upside down and for the first time she might just feel daring enough to try and defy the odds in the outside world. 
  2. The list- Siobhan Vivian: I saw this book in waterstones last summer whilst I was in Brighton and was intrigued by the front cover and blurb so decided on a whim to buy it, it sat on my bookshelf for quite a while until I noticed it one day and picked it up and I’m so glad I did 🙂 Every year two girls are picked from each year to appear on the list, one as the prettiest girl in the year and one as the ugliest however its hard to tell which is worst. Those that are picked for the list are instantly skyrocketed into the spotlight. We follow the 8 girls who have been picked for the list from when they first find out till their homecoming.  
  3. What’s a girl gotta do?- Holly Bourne: I read Am I normal Yet? which is the first book of the Spinster club series and really enjoyed it so I decided to read the other two books in this series 🙂 When I finished this book I was so motivated to make a change and to stand up for the things I feel strongly about and to try and make something of my life 🙂 This book follows Lottie as she attempts to start a feminist revolution alongside her two best friends however revolutions are never as easy as they look and there will definitely be some obstacles but if she stands her ground everything will work out in the end right? 
  4. On The Other Side- Carrie Hope Fletcher: I am a big fan of Carrie’s and have been for the past few years- her first book All I Know Now is one of my favourite non-fiction books and I absolutely love her writing style 🙂 This book is about Evie snow and how when she passes away in her sleep she must complete a series of tasks relating to her old life and her one true love so that she can pass through the door into her own personal heaven. 
  5. Girl Online- Zoe Sugg: I have been a fan of Zoe’s for about 4 years now and am a big fan of her YouTube channel and beauty products so when she released Girl Online it was no different 🙂 Penny starts her blog Girl Online in order to escape her life and to try and get her feelings written down so when it starts to take off she is extremely surprised! She writes about her life including when she meets Noah Flynn at a wedding her family is working at she instantly feels connected to him and decides to write about him- Noah seems absolutely perfect but nothing is ever as it seems. 
  6. The Potion Diaries- Amy Alward: This is another book which is a part of the first Zoella Book Club which I also read whilst on holiday last summer 🙂 After reading this book I really wanted to be a finder and go to all of the cool places mentioned 🙂 When the princess is poisoned there is a nationwide hunt for the cure, one of the people trying to find the cure is Samantha Kemi- an amateur alchemist who is trying to salvage her family name- but how far is Sam willing to go to salvage her families repuation and save the princess, falling for the competition certainly isn’t going to help. 
  7. All About Mia- Lisa Williamson: On the way back from New York I was feeling pretty ill so decided instead of watching a movie I would read a book, I had seen this book in Waterstones a few weeks prior and had then bought it on my kindle so I sat down and finished the entire book during that 7 hour flight. What intrigued me about this book was that it is about the relationship of three sisters: Grace , Mia and Audrey rather than a romantic relationship. Mia’s two sisters are seemingly perfect and seem to get all of the parents attention while Mia is the wild one who never seem to get anything right. Over the course of the book the assumptions Mia has made about her and her sisters life will be tested. 
  8. Before I Fall- Lauren Oliver: When Samantha Kingston is killed in a car crash she wakes up in bed the next morning realising that she is going to relive the final day of her life again and again…….. unless she can change what happens and find out exactly how she got to this point. Everything she thinks she knows about her perfect life must be rethought and she must learn to appreciate the small things. Is there such a thing as the perfect last day?
  9. 13 Reasons Why- Jay Asher: When I heard that this book was going to be made into a movie starring Selena Gomez (many of you know it has actually been made into a 13 episode miniseries on Netflix with Selena Gomez as an executive producer)  I was instantly intrigued and so decided to read it- The book follows Clay Jenson who finds a set of tapes on his doorstep which were recorded by Hannah Baker who a few weeks before the book begins commited suicide. The tapes take Clay and the reader through the 13 reasons why Hannah commited suicide- the tapes are being sent to each person who features on a tape and are a reason for Hannah’s suicide.
  10. The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson- Paige Toon: The Jessie Jefferson books are a trilogy which follow Jessie Jefferson after she finds out that her dad is none other than rockstar Jonny Jefferson, she never knew her father as her parents never actually married and split up before she was born but when her mother dies her stepfather thinks that it might be time for her to find out, Jessie’s life is turned upside down by the news  but will she find a way to make it work?

7 thoughts on “My Favourite Fiction Books 

    1. I loved Everything Everything- I think that might be my all time favourite book 🙂 I can’t wait to read some more books by Nicola Yoon 🙂 You should definitely check out some of the other books on this list 🙂 xx


    1. I’m so glad you liked the post and the books mentioned 🙂 I think Everything Everything is gonna be one of my favourite movies!! Loved Girl Online!! I don’t think I could pick a favourite either- I read all of them within a day of receiving them 😂 Thank you so much for nominating me for the tag!! Xx

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      1. Yeah me too, as soon as I got them I was straight into them!👌🏻 Everything, Everything I just couldn’t put down! Xo

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