April Favs 2017 <3


Beauty and the Beast 2017- As soon as I heard that Disney were making a remake of this classic I was sooo excited and then I read the cast list, saw the first few trailers each thing making me more excited than the last until finally it was out!! The original Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney movies as Belle is the Disney princess I relate to the most 🙂 This remake definitely did not disappoint and I went to see it a total of 3 times in cinemas!!

Tv shows:

Riverdale- As a massive Suite Life of Zack and Cody fan I was very excited to hear that Cole Sprouse was getting back into acting and when I heard about his project Riverdale I was definitely intrigued. I kept hearing about this series until finally I decided to watched the first episode one night……… the next day I ended up binge watching all of the available episodes on Netflix 🙂 The series focuses on the murder of Jason blossom and looks at the town of Riverdale in the wake of this tragedy ❤


How to be a Bawse by Lilly Singh- I have wanted Lilly Singh more commonly known as IISuperwomanII to write a book since I first started watching her videos a few years back so when she announced on the Late Late show with Jimmy Fallon I was ecstatic!! The book was even better than I hoped for and I when I finished it I felt like I could conquer the world! I would definitely recommend and I will be reading it again very soon ❤


Born This Way Concealer- Whilst on holiday in New York I was determined to find a Sephora so when I did I was like an excited puppy and bought far too many products!! amongst this products was a born this way concealer which I had heard people rave about on Youtube so I decided to try it out because the concealer I bought with me ran out 😦 I tried it out the next day and I was instantly impressed!

Better than Sex Mascara- Having heard such a lot about this Mascara on Youtube I was ecstatic to find it in Sephora 🙂 I also bought quite a few other Mascara’s so didn’t get around to trying this one for a while but when I did I was pleasantly surprised 🙂 It made my lashes look like false lashes and is the best mascara I think I’ve ever tried 🙂

Let me know in the comments what you have been loving this month 🙂




15 thoughts on “April Favs 2017 <3

  1. Beauty and the Beast. I first saw the animated version in elementary school and forgot that I loved it. The live movie made me fall in love with Belle and the Beast all over again. Now I own Evermore and want to own the other songs, but planning on getting the Broadway soundtrack. Now I hope to see the stage show some plan in the future

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    1. I bet a couple years after the movie, it will tour again so I will be able to see the stage show a second time. I saw it one time back in elementary school, but don’t remember seeing it live. I have seen mostly touring productions and seeing a musical live is better than seeing a movie of the musical

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      1. Well, if I get the chance to see it live a second time, it will be like the first time since I don’t remember the first time I ever saw it. I even got to see Lion King in elementary school, but don’t remember seeing that one either.

        But Lion King is on tour in the US now. It is coming to my hometown August of 2018 and hopefully I can convince my parents to take me. My mom calls me her expensive child because I always want to see a musical live.

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      2. My mom loves musicals as well. She took on a date to see Wicked on Broadway, Les Mis in the West End, Phantom of the Opera in South Carolina, and Pippin in North Carolina. Mom says that because I now have a passion for musicals, they don’t mind as much to get some of the more expensive seats

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      3. There was something special about those four moments. The fact that they all were with my mom: crazy.

        When I was 12, mom decided to take me to New York: the trip was only her and me and she decided to take me to Wicked and that musical sparked my love for musicals. That musical showed me the emotional side of musicals.

        Phantom of the Opera was a musical I wanted to see since I fell in love with the songs Winter of 2013 and Santa decided to leave tickets in our stockings to see it the following years.

        Pippin was a huge surprise, thats for sure. Mom bought tickets the week before we saw it and only one day was left with two seats together, which happened to be five rows back form the stage.

        Same summer (2015), my family went to England as part of a Bristol Pilgrimage since our church choir was in residence at Bristol Cathedral. So we went up two days early to get more of London. Mom took me to see Les Mis and because she knew it was my dream to see it there, she wanted to get me the best seats possible and we ended up sitting nine rows back from the stage. Les Mis is such a special and meaningful musical of my life and it turned my love of musicals into a passion.

        So the two of us have had four theatre dates together.

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      4. It sparked my love for a number of reasons. I was 12 so I was at just the right age to understand the full world of musical betters. Wicked was the show where I began to understand that musicals have an emotional world to you and emotional connection. I fully don’t remember what it was like to see Wicked on Broadway, but the impact clearly shows.

        Elphaba has had such an incredible influence on my life. She is my favorite musical character of all time due to just how much I relate to her. She is a big reason why Wicked is so meaningful to me.

        I feel like if I wasn’t raised on musicals, I wouldn’t be the musical fanatic I am today

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      5. In the musical world, it is important to understand its emotional world. That is a huge reason why Wicked sparked the love. I started to understand the importance of the emotional nature of musicals. It has everything you can ever want in a musical: spectacle, dance, comedy, a score with positive and negative emotions, a strong emotional connection. What else could you possibly want in a musical?

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