Brighton 2017 :) 

My friend Birunda and I were talking about how much we miss the beach and how much we are loving the sun at the moment so decided to head up to Brighton Beach on Sunday 9th of April 🙂 When we arrived we wandered along to the beach and did some sunbathing, ate some fish and chips and went in the sea (but only up to our knees because the water was so freezing!!)

After the beach we wandered along to the pier, through the arcade along to the rides at the end of the pier 🙂 We also grabbed some ice cream and had a look in the shops 💜

After the pier I wanted to go to the lanes so we wandered along there and found Choccywoccydoodah! After stuffing our faces with chocolate we wandered into the Brighton Lush 🙂


Finally we went along to a tattoo parlour where Birunda decided to get a tattoo of some palm trees on her ankle ❤️ We then got on a train home very stuffed and very happy 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to Brighton and if you have what you favourite place in Brighton is 🙂



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