New York 2017 :)

For as long as I can remember I have loved New York City, from the shopping to the skyscrapers I was in absolute awe of this amazing city so when I got the chance to go I was over the moon!
On the 24th of February 2017 my Mum and I boarded a plane from Heathrow airport in London to JFK. The plane ride was around 7 and a 1/2 hours but was soooo worth it! After collecting our suitcases jumped in a New York City Taxi to our hotel which was around 40 minutes from the airport πŸ™‚ Upon arriving at the hotel we unpacked our bags and then decided to wander along to Times Square to do some shopping, grab some food and see if we could book a Broadway Show which we did πŸ™‚

Our second day in NYC started by us wandering along to Grand Central station and grabbing some breakfast πŸ™‚ After a breakfast in Starbucks we boarded the New York City subway and went downtown to the NYC helipad πŸ™‚ We then went on a 15 minute helicopter ride along the river which was so much fun and I saw some great views!

After our helicopter ride we did some shopping and went to the 9/11 memorial which was so touching and heart wrenching. We went for lunch at a restaurant called Shake Shack and then went shopping in Bloomingdales and Macy’s πŸ™‚

Our final stop before bed was Bath and Body Works where I spent way too much money and then Chipotle for dinner.

On the 25th of February we woke up and walked along 48th street passing the Rockafeller Centre, Radio City Music Hall and the Waldorf Astoria ❀ I then ended up feeling ill so we spent the rest of the day in the hotel room 😦

The next day I felt a lot better so we woke up, grabbed some breakfast and got on an downtown bus which took us all around the financial district, past the flat iron building, the empire state building and many more massive skyscrapers πŸ™‚

After the downtown tour we then swapped over to an uptown tour where we went around Central Park after whichΒ we went to the Hamilton shop and then to the theatre to see On Your Feet which is a musical about the life of Gloria Estefan and was absolutely fantastic and had me dancing in my seat! Β 

After the show we went on a night tour where I got to see the New York City skyline as we went along the Manhattan bridge and saw all of the famous NYC skyscrapers πŸ™‚

 Our final day in New York consisted of us walking along fifth avenue to central park where we saw lots of amazing statues including the Alice in Wonderland statue, the John Lennon memorial and lots more ❀

Overall my experience of New York was unforgettable, breathtaking and exhilarating and I cannot wait to go back!!!

Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to New York/want to go to New York and what your favourite part of NYC is πŸ™‚







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