January 2017 favourites

Tv Shows:

New Girl: I first started watching New Girl because of a recommendation by Sophie Foster and I’m so glad I did!! This show follows Jess (Zooey Deschanel) as she moves into a loft with three guys Nick, Schmidt and Winston. The show made me laugh so much and is the perfect pick me up show 🙂

Royal Crush: Hannah sent me a link to Season 4 of this Youtube Red series and when she found out I hadn’t watched any of the other series was very offended and demanded I watch them immediately :p After binge watching all four seasons in one night I’m so glad she recommended it to me 🙂 This show follows the ups and downs of the relationship between Desi (Meg DeAngelis) and Sebastian (Alex Aiono)

The Series of Unfortunate Events: I read the books of this series in High School and absolutely loved them (although I did get a bit bored by the 13th book ngl). I was very disappointed with the film of this series so when I heard about the Netflix show I was very excited 🙂 The first two episodes were average but once I got into it and got emotionally invested in the characters I thoroughly enjoyed it and binge watched the other episodes in a day ❤


A Midsummers Nightmare: One of my New Years Resolutions was to read more so I borrowed this book from a friend thinking I would read it within a few days-weeks and give it back to her…… I started it on New Years night and did not put it down until I finished it at 4am the next day 🙂 The book focuses on Whitley Johnson as her summer with her dad turns into a nightmare. She meets his new fiancée and her kids and it turns out that the fiancee’s son is her one night stand from graduation night…….


Morgan Yates: I first started watching Morgan during Vlogmas and during the madness that is all the vlogmas videos her vlogs stood out as the ones I was really excited to watch so during January I subscribed to her main channel and started paying attention to her videos when they popped up in my Subscription box 🙂 She is from North Carolina and makes videos about: College, Fashion and Lifestyle 🙂


Castle on the Hill- Ed Sheeran: When I heard that Ed Sheeran was releasing two singles on the 6th of January I was so excited but also apprehensive because I loved the first two albums so much 🙂 Even though I love Shape of You, Castle on the Hill was my favourite because I love the lyrics 🙂

Glory days- Little Mix: I received this album from my parents for Christmas and put it onto my Ipod so that I could listen to it on my commute to uni and OMG! I would list my favourites but I love the entire album………


Summer Forever: I watched this movie for the first time last year and rediscovered it this month 🙂 The music is amazing as is the acting 🙂 This film follows three best friends who create a bucket list of things to complete before going to college to try and make the last few days of summer memorable 🙂

Life Partners: This film is a comedy about two co-dependent friends Paige and Sasha and how they navigate their friendship when Paige gets into a relationship 🙂 This film was amazing because the main focus of the film was friendship which is a nice change from all the Romance movies I watch ❤

Let me know in the comments what you have been loving this month 🙂



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