Harry Potter Studio Tour <3

On Wednesday 11th of January I had the pleasure of going to #hogwartsinthesnow at the Warner Brothers Studio in London which was so amazing 🙂 Arriving at the studio lot I was overwhelmed by the sense of magic that surrounded the place and the excitement of everyone on the bus ❤ We decided to visit the shop first because it was absolutely massive and we had a bit of time before our time slot 🙂   We joined the queue our hands filled with shopping bags passing the cupboard on the stairs as we went into the cinema room to watch a movie about the Warner Brothers Studio experience 🙂 After the movie we passed through to the Great Hall which was decorated for a feast 🙂 As Hogwarts in the Snow was underway there were also Christmas trees and garlands dotted around which just increased the sense of magic ❤ 

We finally left the great hall and went into the first part of the studio experience which included looking through the Griffindor common room, Dumbledore’s office, the Potions classroom and much more 🙂  

The Second part of the Studio tour is the backlot where you can buy butterbeer, sit in Hagrids motorbike and pretend to knock on 4 Privet Drive 🙂 

The final part of the tour includes passing through Diagon alley through to a room where a large scale model of Hogwarts stands which is absolutely spectacular ❤

Overall I had an absolutely fantastic day and I would highly recommend this experience for any Harry Potter lover ❤

Check out Hannah’s blog post about the Harry Potter Studios here: https://justhannahhere.wordpress.com/2017/01/17/warner-brother-studio-tour-%E2%80%A2-11-01-17/

Let me know in the comments if you are a Harry Potter fan and whether you have been to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour ❤


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