Winter Wonderland 2016 :)

Winter Wonderland is a London attraction that comes round once a year where you can ice skate, go on huge rollercoasters or just shop in the cute little stalls and eat some of the amazing food. The possibilities are endless and its a great way to get into the Christmas spirit ❤ This year I was lucky enough to go to Winter Wonderland three times!!

The first time I went with some of my old flatmates and we went on the new rollercoaster Munich Rolling which is the worlds largest transportable rollercoaster ❤ We then had a look around some of the different stalls and grabbed some food including some churros with melted chocolate which were sooooooo nice!

The Second time this year I went to Winter Wonderland was with my Mum and we didn’t go on any of the rides but we did have a mammoth shop around all of the little market stalls ❤ I bought a snowflake candle holder, a bauble for my christmas tree and two pieces of jewellery 🙂 We also couldn’t go all the way to Winter Wonderland and not have the churros!!

My friend Hannah and I have a tradition where we go to Winter Wonderland together every year and this year was our third year of going together ❤ This year was slightly different however as we were also joined by our other best friend Anna which was so lovely! The last two years Anna has been unable to come but this year we booked the date way in advance and we had an absolute blast ❤ We did some shopping, went on two of the rides which were so fun! We took some polaroid pictures and some selfies because whats a day out without some selfies :p Finally we went ice skating in the evening which was really cool ❤ I was pleasantly surprised by my ability to ice skate because I thought I would be like Bambi on ice however I managed to stay upright the entire time 🙂

Check out Hannah’s blog post about Winter Wonderland here:

 Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to Winter Wonderland 🙂


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