Summer 2016 :)

Summer 2016 :)

Summer 2o16 has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, crazy adventures and lazy days at home 🙂 The first crazy day was a day up to London with my bestie Hannah- we went to the Sky Garden grabbing lunch and then took photos by St Pauls Cathedral where we hopped on the tube to the O2 Arena to watch Me Before You at the Cinema which made me cry in the middle of the cinema 😦 The next day out was to see Aladdin the Musical which made me cry with laughter as the genie was so hilarious! My third adventure was to Mexico which I have written a blog post about which can be found here:                           A few days after Mexico it was my 19th birthday which was celebrated with friends and family ❤ It was my brothers graduation a few days after my birthday- he received a masters degree in Chemical Engineering from Birmingham University. I then hopped on a Eurostar train to Paris with my bestie Hannah which I also wrote a blog post about:                                    When I got back from Paris I went with my mum to see In the Heights the musical which was extraordinary!!! I also had my first experience of Summer in the City which was so much fun 🙂 I believe one of my favourite experiences this summer was a movie marathon with my best friend- we chilled watching movies, eating pizza and chatting about random stuff ❤ As some of you may know I love shopping so I couldn’t go all summer without going on a few shopping trips which included going to Camden, Shoreditch and of course Oxford Street. My final adventure of Summer was a trip to Brighton with Anna and Hannah who are two of the most amazing people I know 🙂 We lazed on the beach, shopped in the lanes and ate fish and chips on the pier 🙂 Overall my Summer was absolutely fantastic and filled with some of my favourite memories and people 🙂

Let me know in the comments what you got up to this summer 🙂



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76-100 from my bucket list :) 

76-100 from my bucket list :) 

76. Go up the Arc de Triomphe (12.7.2016) 77. Shop on the Avenue Des Champs Elysees (12.7.2016)


78. Go shopping in Sephora (12.7.2016)

 79. Go to the Eiffel Tower (12.7.2016)

 80. Do the Bean-boozled challenge (12.7.2016)

81. Walk along the Seine (13.7.2016)


82. Go to the Musee D’Orsay (13.7.2016)

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83. Go to Notre Dame (13.7.2016)


84. Go to the Louvre (13.7.2016)

85. See the Eiffel Tower at Night (13.7.2016)


86. See the Bastille Day Parade (14.7.2016)


87. See the lock bridge in Paris (14.7.2016)

88. Try Frogs Legs (14.7.2016)


89. See the Fireworks on Bastille Day (14.7.2016)

90. Go to Sacre Coeur (15.7.2016)


91. Go see Breakfast at Tiffany’s  (23.7.2016)


92. See In The Heights (2.8.2016)

93. Go to Summer in the City (13.8.2016)

94. Meet Dodie Clark (13.8.2016)
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95. Meet Hazel Hayes (13.8.2016)

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96. See Dodie Clark Perform Live (13.8.2016)


97. See Jon Cozart Perform Live (13.8.2016)


98. Meet Jon Cozart (14.8.2016)


99. Meet the Mandeville Sisters (14.8.2016)


100. Shop in Camden Market (1.9.2016)



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101-125 from my bucket list :) 

101-125 from my bucket list :) 

101. Try Squid (1.9.2016)

102. Shop on Brick Lane (11.9.2016)

103. Try a Vegan Freakshake from Canvas Cafe in Brick Lane (11.9.2016)


104. Go to Choccywoccydodah in Brighton (14.9. 16)

105. Try Chipotle (5.10.16)

106. See Fifth Harmony Live 🙂 (10.10.16)


107. Go to the Abbey Road crossing (16.11.16)

108. Watch Dreamgirls the Musical in the West End (26.11.16)

109. Go Ice Skating at the Natural History Museum (30.11.16)

110. Meet Lucy and Lydia (3.12.16)

111. Go to BeautyCon London (3.12.16)

112. Have a Youtuber follow me on Twitter (3.12.16)

113. Make a Gingerbread house (29.1.2016)

114. Have a midnight kiss on New Years ❤ (1.1.2017)

115.  Go to Harry Potter Studio Tour London (11.1.17)

116. Try Butterbeer (11.1.17)

117. Have lunch at Speedy’s cafe from Sherlock (19.1.17) 
118. Buy my mum flowers for no reason (21.1.17)

119. See Christ Church (18.2.17) 

120. Have an afternoon tea (18.2.17)

121. See Oxford Castle (18.2.17) 

122. Ride in a New York City Taxi (23.2.2017)

123. See Times Square (23.2.2017)

124. Ride the New York Subway (24.2.2017)

125. Ride in a Helicopter (24.2.2017)

Let me know in the comments if you have a bucket list and if so whats on it ❤


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