My Top 15 TV shows :)

As some of you may have gathered I LOVE binge watching a TV show so have watched quite a few in my time much to the distain of my parents 😛 here are some of my favourites:

  1. Friends- no TV show list would be complete without this timeless classic 🙂 IMG_9959
  2. Pretty Little LiarsIMG_9960
  3. Faking It IMG_9306
  4. Red Band SocietyIMG_8997
  5. GleeIMG_9961
  6. Gossip GirlIMG_8991
  7. MerlinIMG_9952
  8. Girl Meets WorldIMG_9006
  9. Wizards of Waverly Place thumb_IMG_9695_1024
  10. Scream Queens IMG_9964
  11. Young and HungryIMG_9308
  12. Baby DaddyIMG_9307
  13. Breaking Bad- This show took me ages to get into but once I had binge watched the first season I was hooked! The series follows Walter White- a chemistry teacher who after he receives a cancer diagnosis decides to start cooking Methamphetamine with his ex-student Jesse Pinkman. The reason for this is that Walt needs to pay for his medical bills and also wishes to leave behind some money for his family- Skyler, Walt Jr and his baby on the way. As the series progresses things get out of hand and Walt has to make decisions he never thought he would make. Throughout the series my favourite character was Jesse Pinkman because although he did some very bad things you can see that he is fundamentally a good person who is being manipulated. IMG_9968
  14. Sherlock
  15. The Walking Dead img_2113



Let me know in the comments what your favourite TV shows are and if you think I’ve left any out.




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