My first year at Uni :)

I have basically finished my first year at university…….. that sentence feels really surreal to write because I feel like it was only yesterday that I was a scared fresher moving into halls and now I’m nearly finished my first year and have moved out of halls!!!! I have had such an amazing year which I can look back on fondly and have so many great memories with awesome people who I hope to stay friends with long into the future ❤ I feel like I have grown up a lot this year mainly because I moved out of my house so had to learn to become independent whether that’s washing my own clothes and making sure to get out of bed in the morning to more serious stuff like making sure I met my deadlines for coursework and revising for exams without nagging from my parents. Meeting a load of new people can be really scary and is something I have always struggled with but it can also be exciting because you have the ability to build lots of new friendships to carry into the future and its also a learning experience 🙂 As I look back on the past year I can smile and say that I am proud of myself for how far I have come and I look forward to next year with excitement because although I will be living at home (living in central london is expensive!!!) I feel like I will take the skills I have learnt this year forward with me for a long time and the friendships I have made with year with some amazing people will hopefully only continue to flourish despite the distance because real friendship knows no distance ❤

Let me know in the comments what you have been up to this year xxxxx


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