No Mates For You

Whilst looking through my laptop today I found some of my old English Creative Writing Assignments from about  Year 8 and I thought I would share one 🙂 I know it’s not that great but I was about 12 when I wrote this. Enjoy ❤ Let me know if u want more posts like this in the comments xxx

Ruby Brown is the perfect teenager. Long blonde hair and eyes the colour of the clearest sky. She has the perfect boyfriend and is the head cheerleader for the Croydon Rams. She is also my sister. It’s hard to believe that anyone that flawless could be related to me, Lily Brown.  I am 15 years old and have mousy brown hair and glasses. I always come out bottom in tests and I have had 1 friend my own age throughout my life. No wonder my sister says that I’m adopted. I don’t think anyone believes her but they play along as anyone who doesn’t would get eaten alive by my pit-bull of a sister.

I contemplate all of this whilst I saunter down the eerie corridors of southwest high looking at all the cabinets with trophies in. Cheerleading trophies, football trophies but no science trophies. I know we have won some science trophies because our science club wins their national competition every year. I snap myself out of my daydream and walk on with only my footsteps to keep me company when I bump into my sister and her posse. Courtney, Nicole and Zoey. All clones of my sister but twice as mean.

“Watch where you’re going, freak.” My sister said with a snarl which prompted her mini me’s to giggle hysterically.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you owned the hallways, I better get out your way before you cast a spell on me.”

“Did you just insinuate that I’m a witch?”

“None of your business, witch.”

“You’re gonna pay for that.”

“Im soooooo scared, not.” I say with what I hope is a sarcastic tone for in reality I’m shaking with fear. The last time my sister said that I was going to pay for something I woke up the next day in the school hall with the whole school staring at me. That was not a good day.  It was so embarrassing especially as I snore. To this day I still have no idea how she got my bed into the school hall. She also printed out a really embarrassing picture of me and put it on everyone’s lockers at school. My parents don’t seem to care that she is the reincarnation of Satan as she is the only daughter of their’s that they can be proud of. My mum is a nurse who is always working night shifts. You can see where my sister got her good looks from as at 45 years old she looks about 30 maybe less.

There are only a few people in my school who actually know I exist and even less that my sister hasn’t turned against me. None if you don’t count the teachers. Before the age of eight I lost my first and only friend, Samantha Jones, to the dark side thanks to my sister. It took only a makeover to break our friendship and ever since Samantha has been the founding member of the I love Ruby Smith Fan club. One of the rules of the club: Make my life miserable. Since then whenever I’ve got close to making a friend my sister always ruins it. I once caught her threatening an exchange student who decided to befriend me.


I’m a London based 19 year old who happens to have a blog about my favourite things which include: beauty, musicals, travel and lots more ❤

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